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Meet the Team

Metal Detecting tour guide

Chris Langston (Detecting Host & Tour Guide)

Chris is your detecting guide and host from your first point of contact to departure. 
He has had a love of history since his school days, and over the the last 30 years he's gained a lot of valuable local historical knowledge.  Chris father of three boys writes a local history column in the local newspaper, is the the editor of a magazine and a local history Facebook page Oswestry Unearthed. He's been metal detecting for over six years, starting out with a Garrett Euro ace and finally settling for the Garrett AT Pro. Chris has made many great finds, from stunning hammered coinage through the ages to amazing artifacts from Neolithic Scrapers to Bronze Ages Axes and from Roman Fibula's to Regency Jewelry! 
Even helping out finding and reuniting a few lost items for the public too!

Treasure Trove Case... He has recently has confirmation from the

county coroner that a Silver Dressing Bodkin that dates from

1500AD - 1600AD - Is to be declared as treasure!(It's one of two of its

kind that have been found and recorded in the UK!) Chris works closely

with his local representative from the British Museum

(FLO - Finds liaisons officer) and is now able to record his own finds.

Best Finds... So what's his favorite find? 'It's difficult to say what my find best is! I just love digging up and recording history, i get a great buzz unearthing a humble musket ball! - If i had to choose i'd say it was the Henry 8th silver Sovereign Penny or the 1st Queen Mary Groat, they are both breathtaking!'

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