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Disclaimer: Images on this site do not necessarily show the exact locations in which you will be detecting. They are intended to give an impression of the history of the area. 

Booking Availablity

7 Day Tour  £1,175 pp

2019/2020 Dates ​

2019 Tour Dates

March 2019

4th March to 15th March

*Fully Booked*

April 2019*

Dig it with Brandon Niece

1st April to 12th April

*Fully Booked*

May 2019

6th May - 17th May

1  Space Available!

August 2019

Dig it with KG and Ringy*

11th - 23rd August

*Fully Booked*

September 2019

9th Sept' to 20th Sept

*Spaces Available*

October 2019

4th October to 9th October

*Short Stay Tour*

November 2019

Dig it With Nugget Noggin

4th November - 15th November​

1 Space Available

2020 Tour Dates

March 2020

4th March to 12th March (7 day tour)

*Spaces Available*

April 2020

9th April to 17th April (7 day tour)

*Spaces Available*

May 2020

6th May - 14th May (7 day tour)

*Spaces Available*

September 2020

9th Sept' to 17th Sept (7 day tour)

*Spaces Available*

October 2020

*Short Stay Digs on Request*

November 2020 


*Spaces Available*

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